Madeline Eden is a Texan, an American, a parent, an inventor, an entrepreneur, and your next representative for the 10th U.S. Congressional District of Texas. She was taught that no one should have the authority to dictate the rights or personal beliefs for another individual, as we are all created equal. Madeline is not a politician; she is a problem solver who believes the 115th US Congress no longer represents the average American.

Madi was born in Jefferson City, Missouri in 1975. Her father was a hospital administrator that grew up on a small Missouri farm, and her mother was the child of WWII veterans who travelled the world working for the CIA. Even though her parents were from two very different worlds, they both raised her to uphold the same strong ethical and moral standards. Her father began teaching her to work with computers and write code when she was just six years old. With those experiences as her foundation she spent her early days endlessly studying new ways to develop software and researching emergent technologies. She learned quickly, and became an early internet pioneer. By the age of 13 she had already helped to found one of San Antonio’s first large-scale multi-user online networks. During the early days of the world wide web she was a vocal advocate for a free and open global network (a stance she maintains to this day), and spent much of her spare time tutoring children with autism and learning disabilities. (Madeline fully supports the funding of IDEA related programs, and also gender equality in schools. She believes that every child should have equal opportunities, and feel safe in their place of learning.)

Madi has always been a results oriented, strategic decision maker; with a focus on SMART goals. After completing high school a year and a half ahead of schedule, she began working as a network engineer, and attending nightly college courses. There were rumors she may have even attended the early DEFCON conferences, but those were never substantiated. She made her move to Austin in 1998, where she continued her career path in information technology as a Software Architect and Engineering Manager for companies like Dell and AMD. Over time she learned to coordinate and manage globally distributed teams in order to accomplish much more than she ever could on her own. She consistently applied the skills learned in each of her roles to further advance her knowledge of cutting edge technologies, while contributing to countless open-source software initiatives, and non-profit organizations throughout the course of her career.

Madeline married in 2004, and has four amazing sons. She moved her family to Bastrop, TX in 2007 and they have lived there ever since. She’s home-schooled three of her boys, and made it a point to provide all of her children with the same fundamental technical knowledge that she herself grew up with. Madi found a new passion In 2012 when she began working with cryptography to develop blockchain technology (which she will tell you holds the keys to a better future for all of us, literally). Currently she works for Blockchain Innovation, Inc. as their Chief Technology Officer, and Lead Strategist.