Over the last year the limits of our democracy have been pushed past their breaking point. Our current Congress has proven they have no interest in helping the majority of Americans. There is an abundance of greed and corruption amongst our representation, and it’s gone on for long enough! It's time to elect honest, ethical and responsible leadership. You deserve a congressional representative who actually works for you!

I'm Madi Eden. A candidate for Texas Congressional District 10. If elected, it would be my honor to represent the people of our district. I intend to listen to my constituents’ needs, and then deliver on those needs in Washington. I understand that each district is a melting pot of ideals, and that we must come together to communicate and solve problems constructively. We have been divided long enough!

My campaign will focus on positive actions that can be accomplished by working together to create a better future for ourselves and our families. Over the next few months we will communicate our democratic principles of equality, compassion, empathy and unity; while sharing all of the ways we hope to strengthen our district.

Democracy should benefit the many and not the elite few. Our intention is to take back Congress from those who seek to gain wealth, instead of serving the hard-working people of this country. I want to protect all of the people and communities in District 10 by focusing on better education, healthcare, infrastructure, and security. Now is the time to bring people together through public service, and open communication. It is with these goals in mind that I humbly ask for your support!

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Jan 09, 2018

Donate with Cryptocurrency!

Our simple cryptocurrency donation interface can now be found on our donation page. I was a very early supporter of blockchain technology, and I make use of it every day. One of my priorities in Washington will be to...

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